Packers and Processors

Meat packers and processors and processors of our goat products such as mohair, cashmere, milk and cheese for examples, are essential to the success of business continuity for the goat industry during an FMD outbreak. Processors and State Animal Health Officials are encouraged to work together to determine the best options that reduce FMD spread. Explore the menu to the left to learn more. Processors of goat meat, fiber and milk products should look ahead at biosecurity planning, not just for an FMD outbreak, but for anything that might compromise food safety.

REMEMBER: FMD is NOT a public health or food safety concern. Meat is safe to eat and fiber is safe to handle. Milk is safe to drink.

The SGMMS Plan for Continuity of Business provides steps to prepare and request a movement permit for livestock. Use the resources on this website to start preparing.